Micro Finance Loans For Women In India

Micro Loans

Helping Women of India realise their dreams


Customer Care Number: + 91 18 00 2587 702


Key Features

Term loans through Joint Liability Group (JLG)



Loan available up to Rs 45,000/-



Loan tenure up to 24 Months



Easy monthly repayment schedule



Financing without any collateral security



Fixed processing fee of 1%



Interest rate @ 24%*



* Subject to change


Micro Loans - Small Ideas, Big Opportunities

An idea can come from anywhere, through anyone. But true progress means transforming the less privileged in low-income groups and creating an environment for them to flourish. Our focus is thus on those who lack the access to banking and related services, but who have the aspirations and find opportunities through adversities. We identify and service these small dreams and turn them into solid success stories through our deep network of professionals with access to the remotest parts of the country.


Micro Loans is a financial service aimed at providing small loans to low-income individuals and making them self reliant. These individuals can find support from Micro Loans lenders.


L&T Financial Services launched its Micro Loans operations in July 2008. We have since been actively involved in helping the Indian women get a sustainable livelihood through micro unsecured loans. L&T Financial Services now is one of the leading providers of Micro Loans in India.


Eligibility and Documentation:


  • Age requirement: 20 years - 60 years
  • We lend to women borrowers


Documents Micro Loan Borrower
Income Proof We take into consideration income generating capacity to accept application for a micro loan.
Other Documents Aadhar Card, Voter's ID card/Ration Card/MGNREGA Card


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